Digital Illustrations

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Blizzard Fiitiiiiinnng

Digitally painted illustration. Done as fanart for all of the multitudinous Blizzard properties and with some bits that I thought were hilarious.


Red Bull Conquest Posters

poster illustrations of M Bision, Sol Badguy, and Heihatchi in order to drum up engagement and hype for Red Bull Conquest launch


Cats in the Brain

A tribute to the meta-movie “A Cat in the Brain” by Lucio Fulci, and a humorous take on the traditional edgelord skull drawing.


cross faction romance

A personal celebration of how I met my partner of 10 years, and an attempt to replicate a Hearthstone card. Card art and card done by yours truly, no internet copy pasting here.


Stealing Axion:


album cover art.


Red Bull Battlegrounds

DOTA 2 at the Warfield